GMO Detection

In the fast-paced world of GMO detection, reliability and accuracy are supreme. Janus, Haystack's patent-pending computerized GMO-detection tool, utilizes subtle differences in the statistical measures of GM sequences to determine the likelihood that a sequence is of exogenous origin.

Using our in-house high-speed parallel-processing architecture, we can quickly deliver high-quality results that stand on their own or can be used in conjunction with other GMO-detection tests for further confirmation. Janus is designed to be compatible with other bioinformatics tools and formats such as BLAST and FASTA. With Janus, it is now possible to dynamically detect GM sequences in arbitrarily large genomes.

Janus Advantages


Our groundbreaking technology analyzes genetic sequences along multiple dimensions to yield highly statistically-significant results.


Our software can detect modified sequences with base pair level precision, identifying only the sequences that don't match the genome of the organism.


Using distributed parallel-computing technology to conduct our research, we can analyze genome-length samples incredibly quickly.


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