Genetic Steganography

With the prevalence of artificial genes on the rise, detecting and litigating against unauthorized use of protected genetic sequences will be necessary to ensure compensation for innovation. Elantus is a patent-pending software tool allows our customers to generate sequences that contain a recoverable message that is indistinguishable from the genetic sequence of the target organism.

In order to ensure that our sequences are undetectable, Elantus operates at higher level of abstraction than other text-to-sequence algorithms. Elantus is also hardened against brute-force detection techniques by adding a cryptographic salt (if requested) and randomly selecting one conversion table from the tens of thousands we have generated and published.

Elantus Advantages

Intellectual Property Protection

Use Elantus to add a genetic watermark to your custom sequences. Sequences generated with Elantus do not occur in nature, yet are indistinguishable from naturally-occurring DNA.


Elantus is able to adapt the encoding parameters to the organism being targeted. Providing a sample of the sequence that will surround the Elantus sequence allows us to further tailor the encoding parameters.


Using distributed parallel-computing technology, we can generate message-containing sequences of any length incredibly quickly while maintaining undetectability at all levels of analysis.


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