Revolutionizing Bioinformatics through Statistical Analysis

Haystack Biotechnology is advancing bioinformatics technology through its rapid, high-accuracy genome analysis and message-encoding tools. Haystack’s services combine biostatistics with computational biology to deliver useful solutions to the complex needs of our customers. Haystack works on a variety of projects relevant to our vision of understanding and utilizing genomic statistical biases.

GMO Detection

Janus gives researchers the ability to identify GM sequences within genome-length sequences with a high degree of accuracy by leveraging our specialty in genomic biostatistics.

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Genetic Steganography

To meet the needs of synthetic biology IP protection, we have developed Elantus, a tool to encode a message of any length into genetic material while preserving the statistical biases of the target organism.

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High-Performance Computing

Haystack Biotechnology supports high-power parallel distributed computing research in order for us to optimize the speed with which we can conduct our bioinformatics R&D.

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